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Investing in the financial health of our community

We recently surveyed 3 different industries in NWA-

78% of the local workforce is feeling some level of financial stress and the data shows that it is not primarily associated with a lack of insurance or excessive debt. Spending habits that don’t align with the goals of the individual a not having a working budget appears to be the primary source of stress for most workers. 

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Core Products for Companies

Wellness Assessment

We survey the 5 key areas of financial wellness for any size group. It’s an anonymous 2-min. assessment packed with useful information that every organization needs to know. From this data we can suggest practical steps forward in the areas needed and structure a great seminar addressing the specific needs of your team.


We do lunch and learn seminars that are motivation and educational. We also offer 1-hr. workshops where each employee is shown how to build a personalized budget and designs a detailed savings strategy that is both practical and easy to implement. Our workshops can be done in house or virtual. Both are very affordable options.

1-on-1 Coaching

Our 1-on-1 coaching process has over a decade of success, serving 100’s of families around the world. We meet via zoom or in person. We believe that this method has the most long lasting impact and the greatest opportunity for positive life change in the areas of personal finance.

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What else do you offer?

Our mission is to serve the local businesses as well as the individual. We offer several customizable surveys as well as master planning workshops. We are always open to serve your company in other educational ways.

What does it cost?

We are a community focused nonprofit with a heart to see lives changed in the area of personal finance. All of our fees are extremely discounted to reflect the generosity of those who support our mission.

About Us

Journey is a coaching group committed to investing in the financial health of our community. Our coaches have a variety of backgrounds from local businesses to finance. Our mission is to help local business by coaching employees how to manager their money well. Our services are made affordable by the generous support of people in our community.