Do you ever wonder why they didn’t teach that in school?

Finances in the workplace

In a recent post on Linkedin, editor Taylor Borden expresses this thought.
“Gen Z wants to learn how to manage their money — and they expect to do it on the job. Nearly two-thirds of Gen Zers believe their financial wellness is their employer’s responsibility, according to a new study by TIAA.”

Finances in high School
Often when sharing with others what we do at Journey Financial Group, I get the response that financial wellness should be taught in the school. The sentiment from both parties has a lot of merit. As a society, we all, businesses and schools, should be doing as much as we can to educate others in the areas of good money habits. But often good habits take motivation. A strong passionate why. Personal goals are just that, personal, individual, and unique to every person. When explaining the importance of tracking ones spending and living on less than one earns, the individual must have a reason to make this part of a responsible lifestyle.

Finances in the real world
Also, a proper spending plan has to be rooted in reality. Real-life bills and real-life income. It has to affect a person’s life in a way that can be felt. Not just a theory on a whiteboard, but in the sweat and pain of their daily labor.
This is why although I love the idea of teaching financial principles, there is just no trade-off for real-world life lessons in the form of hard work and delayed gratification. Journey Financial Group has an educational arm through seminars and workshops for the workplace, but the 1-on-1 Coaching is defiantly where we see the most impact.

TR Laughlin is a financial life coach with Journey Financial Group.  He loves helping individuals and families put together plans that move them to the next step in their personal finances.  Married to Susanna for 20+ years, TR lives in Rogers, AR.

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